Office of the District Attorney General
Sullivan County, TN
Roll Call

Roll Call is a quarterly newsletter published by the District Attorney’s Office. District Attorney Barry Staubus and his assistants, along with other agencies, prepare articles for this newsletter which is distributed to all law enforcement officers within the district.

Its purpose is to provide timely information regarding news laws, appellate court decisions and matters of concern to the law enforcement community. It is useful as a training tool as different legal issues such as different requirements in search and seizure, traffic law enforcement, child neglect and other important matters are covered in each issue.
Assistant District Attorneys write articles within their respective expertise or areas of concern, providing guidance to officers. Other agencies, such as Probation and Parole provide information from their perspective to officers. As many patrol officers do not routinely have cases in the Criminal Courts, Roll Call also provides those officers with an understanding of some of the difficulties in preparing and presenting cases for prosecution. The publication has been well received by the various law enforcement agencies, particularly by the officers involved in training within their respective departments.

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