Office of the District Attorney General
Sullivan County, TN
H. Greeley Wells, Jr. Honorarium
H. Greeley Wells, Jr.
   H. Greeley Wells Jr., a native of Knoxville, Tennessee, received his bachelor of science in 1967 and his Juris Doctorate in 1969 from the University of Tennessee, Knoxville. He was admitted to the Bar in May of 1970.

   Immediately upon graduating from law school, Greeley was appointed Special Agent for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. He served as an investigator and legal instructor in the Cleveland, Ohio; Minneapolis, Minnesota; and Washington, D.C. offices of the FBI.

In 1976 he joined the District Attorney’s staff in Sullivan County as an Assistant District Attorney General. Since that time he completed the Northwestern University Law School course for Prosecutors, the National District Attorney’s Association Career Prosecutor Course at the University of Houston Law School, and the FBI National Law Institute. He is a member of the Kingsport Bar Association, the Bristol Bar Association, the Tennessee Bar Association, the National District Attorneys Association, the Association of Government Attorneys in Capital Litigation and the Tennessee District Attorneys General Conference, serving as President of that organization in 2005.
   Greeley was appointed District Attorney General for the Second Judicial District (Sullivan County) in October 1993 and was subsequently elected to fill the unexpired term. In 1998 and 2006 he was reelected for a full eight year term.   He always maintained an active courtroom presence in major cases.

   After 35 years of service to the State H. Greeley Wells Jr. retired on June 30, 2011.

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