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Drug Task Force

The Second Judicial District Drug Task Force was formed in 1988 through funding received from the Drug-Free Tennessee Campaign.  Since that time, the Second Judicial District Drug Task Force has been committed to combating the devastating effect of drug trafficking in Sullivan County by focusing on mid to upper-level drug trafficking organizations responsible for the distribution of illegal narcotics in Sullivan County.  By partnering with local law enforcement agencies in Sullivan County as well as state and federal agencies, individuals associated with these drug trafficking organizations have been identified, investigated, and aggressively prosecuted in both state and federal courts leading to multiple convictions and lengthy sentences.  The continued operation of the Task Force has been made possible by funds obtained through federal grants, the financial support of our partnering agencies, and the seizure and forfeiture of assets illegally obtained by individuals convicted of illegal drug activity thus reducing the financial burden to Sullivan County taxpayers.

Agents of the Task Force are selected for assignment to the Task Force by their respective agencies and are held to the highest standards of professionalism, integrity, and accountability.  Although the primary focus of the Task Force is illegal drug activity in Sullivan County, drug trafficking organizations cross local and state jurisdictional boundaries requiring the Agents to maintain good working relationships with various local, state, and federal agencies throughout Northeast Tennessee and Southwest Virginia.

The Second Judicial District Drug Task Force is overseen by a Board of Directors composed of the District Attorney General for Sullivan County, the Sullivan County Sheriff, and the Police Chiefs for the cities of Bristol and Kingsport.  Board meetings are held on a monthly basis with the Director of the Task Force, the Financial Director, and the Assistant District Attorney General assigned as a liaison attorney to the Task Force.  In addition, Agents with the Second Judicial District Drug Task Force work closely with the District Attorney General’s Office to develop prosecutable cases against individuals procuring, manufacturing, distributing, or selling drugs in Sullivan County.

Help us combat this problem.

The Second Judicial Drug Task Force and the TBI are asking anyone who has information on combating this alarming problem to contact them. You can call 423-323-8615 or 1-800-TBI-FIND and remain anonymous.

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