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Child Abuse

By statute the Child Protection Investigation Team (CPIT) in Sullivan County is committed to the detection, intervention, prevention, treatment, and prosecution of child sexual abuse and severe physical abuse.  There are two CPIT teams: one for the upper end of the county and Bristol, and one for the lower end of the county and Kingsport.  Each team meets once a month to review all allegations of sexual abuse and serious physical abuse reported within the county.  The teams are comprised of representatives from the following disciplines:  Department of Children’s Services (DCS), Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office (SCSO). Bristol Police Department, Kingsport Police Department, District Attorney’s Office, Bristol Juvenile Court, Kingsport Juvenile Court, mental health and the Children’s Advocacy Center (CAC). 

Assistants with our office are responsible for supervising investigations and ultimately prosecuting cases in Sullivan County of serious physical abuse as well as the sexual abuse and exploitation of children.  

Tennessee now requires all convicted sex offenders to register with the State.

Anyone wishing to report child abuse may do so by filing a report online.


Bristol Juvenile Court (423) 989-5550
Bristol Police Department (423) 989-5600
Children’s Advocacy Center (423) 279-1222
Department of Children’s Services (423) 279-3261
Kingsport Police Department (423) 229-9300
Sullivan County Juvenile Court (Upper) (423) 989-4355
Sullivan County Juvenile Court (Lower) (423) 224-1731
Sullivan County Sherrif’s Office (423) 279-7500