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Domestic Violence Task Force

Abuse Doesn’t Always Look Like Abuse

In 1996, in response to what could be considered the greatest local violent crime problem, the Front Line Domestic Violence Task Force was formed to provide a united basis for the criminal justice system to combat the problem of domestic violence.  The Front Line is composed of representatives from the Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office, the Kingsport Police Department, Abuse Alternatives, the Circuit Court Clerk’s Office and members of the District Attorney’s Office.

Due to strong community support, officials have been able to arrest, prosecute and convict perpetrators of domestic violence.  The Front Line has been able to afford protection to members of society who seem unable to protect themselves.

It is the intention of Front Line to ensure that the downward trend in domestic calls and arrests continues.  The Task Force hopes to one day eradicate this blight upon humanity, which has proven so devastating to victims and children who are involuntarily exposed to a life of brutality. 


Sullivan County Sheriff’s Office (423) 279-7500
Kingsport Police Department (423) 229-9300
Bristol Police Department (423) 989-5600
Kingsport Area Safe House (423) 578-SAFE (7233)
Abuse Alternatives (423) 764-2287
Family Justice Center (423) 574-7233